Report an accessibility barrier

Tell us about the problem(s) you have experienced while accessing facilities, services or information:
This form has been made available to the public under the Accessible BC Act. Our partnered organizations (Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, Fort Nelson Public Library, & SD81) are dedicated to enhancing Accessibility for individuals with disabilities. To accomplish this, we've made this form publicly available to gather feedback. Our goal is to identify and eliminate any barriers in physical and digital spaces, ensuring equal access and inclusion for all.

The Northern Rockies Accessibility and Inclusion Committee's partnered organizations are committed to reviewing Accessibility, identifying barriers, and implementing changes as required and allowed. Your feedback will be instrumental aids in our continued efforts.

Key themes of the BC Accessibility Act:
  • Breaking down barriers.
  • Advancing human rights.
  • Promoting fairness and equity.
Important Definitions from the BC Accessibility Act:
  • Disability: An inability to participate fully and equally in society as a result of the interaction of an impairment and a barrier.
  • Barrier: Essentially, anything that hinders the full and equal participation in society of a person with an impairment.
  • Impairment: A physical, sensory, mental, intellectual, or cognitive impairment which is permanent, temporary, or episodic. ​
Examples of barriers to Accessibility:
  • Attitudinal: when people think and act based upon false assumptions.
  • Physical: when obstacles in an environment make access difficult.
  • Information or Communication: when people with disabilities are excluded because they use other communication methods.
  • Systemic: when an organization's policies, practices and procedures result in exclusion.
  • Technology: when people with disabilities can't access technology.
  • Sensory: when sensory information such as lights, sounds, smells, etc., prevents participation in the environment.
What kind of feedback can I provide?

1. We want to know the specific barriers people face when they are trying to:
  • Access a program, location or information we offer
  • Receive a service or support
2. We are seeking:
  • Descriptions of experiences and how they impact you
  • Recommendations for how barriers can be removed
Feedback Mechanism:

We will share your input with our Accessibility Advisory Committee and Accessibility Working Group, and other relevant organizations in our community.

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* 1. Which organization is best suited to address the barrier you are providing information for?

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* 2. What is your role?

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* 3. Please tell us about your experience, including what you were trying to do or access and how this experience has impacted you. Please provide any information regarding the barrier you have experienced:

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* 4. Do you have any recommendations for ways to improve accessibility?

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* 5. Do you know of any accessibility changes in the community that you would like to acknowledge with a shout-out?