Wolcott Community Public Library 2017 Survey

The Wolcott Community Public Library would appreciate your response to the following questions and submit by October 1st.   Thank you!

* 1. Please mark where you reside?

* 2. Please mark appropriate question that describes you.

* 3. Have you used the Wolcott Community Public Library in the past year?

* 4. If Yes, Please mark the reason for your visit

* 5. If you have not used the library recently please mark your reason below.

* 6. Do you use the Library Overdrive e-books?

* 7. Do you know we have a Web page?

* 8. Do you know we have a Facebook page?

* 9. Please indicate the library services and programs that you are aware of at the Wolcott Public Library.

* 10. What program changes would you like to see at your library?