Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation and Industrial Centers of Africa [UBRICA] is evaluating blockchain and related technologies in lifescience and health care.

Blockchain is a computer protocol for digital assets (e.g., digital currency and smart contracts) which is secured using cryptography. Blockchain is a decentralizable network where trust is established through consensus of peers.   

It is widely documented that despite the technological revolution, people living in developing countries do not have access to good quality education, products of research, and professional services. Much worse, developing countries are not at the forefront of technology and still lag behind when it comes to solving big problem using the technologies. Most often than not we rely on the outdated technologies. With increase and emergence of issues in our societies such as diseases, we are not in the forefront of the technology, such as the blockchain, cryptoeconomics and cryptocurrency.

Adoption of the blockchain, cryptoeconomics and cryptocurrency technologies requires creation of awareness and educating people on its important and use to solve our current issues. Implementing the technology also requires a change of mindset. Our approach is to first gather information and your honest view on blockchain, crypto-economics and cryptocurrency technologies.

Blockchain is extremely powerful as it is possible to build financial incentives for traditionally marginalized hardworking people who contribute knowledge for the betterment of humanity. For the first time in history of mankind, hundreds of millions of people who contribute good deeds to improvement of health related quality of life of human race can receive incentives for their good deeds. This smart reward system could unlock unprecedented amount of funds to support advancement in knowledge in general, and in lifescience and health production in the world, in particular. Good teachers who care deeply about their students, good researchers who contribute to new knowledge, and good practitioners who strive to provide greatest quality of service will receive financial incentives for their good deeds.

We would like to know from you what you know about these technologies, what you think about their implications to our lives today and the future, and what you are already doing about them. Our goal is to learn from you as accurately as possible.

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* 2. What do you know about blockchain, cryptoeconomics and cryptocurrency technologies? Explain in detail.

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* 3. How do you think blockchain, cryptoeconomics and cryptocurrency technologies will influence the society? Explain in detail.

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* 4. How do you think we can use blockchain, cryptoeconomics and cryptocurrency technologies effectively in lifescience and health? Explain in detail.