The TSSA has submitted its annual pay claim for the management grades (Bands 1 – 4). The claim can be viewed on the TSSA website: http://www.tssa.org.uk/article-129.php3?id_article=6557.

We want to know if you support this claim, and we want to gather more statistical evidence so that when we meet with Network Rail negotiators we can advance evidence based arguments.

This survey is purposefully anonymous, as we want you to feel free to tell us your salary, your pay increase and your concerns. This will allow us to explore how pay was distributed last year and provide us with statistical evidence to use in the forthcoming pay talks.

We ask about your gender, age, disability status and ethnicity as we want to establish if there are patterns of discrimination in the distribution of pay. It will help us if you can complete these details.

Finally, we will ask you whether you want to become more involved in your union. If we are to win a decent pay rise which is distributed fairly we will need your active involvement. If you want to help, drop an email to organising@tssa.org.uk.

Thank you for your help, this survey should not take more than 15 minutes to complete. Once you have done so, please encourage your colleagues to complete it. The survey is open to members and non-members. However you will not have a formal say in the negotiations unless you are a TSSA member, so we naturally would encourage you to join (visit http://www.tssa.org.uk/article-18.php3?id_article=22 for details).

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* 1. If you have read the TSSA pay claim for bands 1 - 4, for 2011, please indicate your level of support:

  Strongly support Support Neither support nor oppose Oppose Strongly oppose
Pay Claim

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* 2. Do you want a pay award which is distributed in accordance to performance, or would you prefer a percentage that everyone gets?

We want to know how last year's pay was distributed, and whether there are anomalies within the pay structure. We fear that the lack of transparency in the distribution o the pay pot may mask malpractice. If you complete the following details, it will help us establish if there is any statistical evidence of distortion within Network Rail's pay structure.

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* 3. Which part of the business do you work in?

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* 4. How was your performance rated last year?

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* 5. What was your percentage pay rise last year?

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* 6. Please indicate which band you are in