* 1. How useful is the following information?

  Extremely useful Very useful Somewhat useful Not so useful Not at all useful
How to access a particular healthcare service, such as finding a midwife/maternity care, emergency, dentistry, mental health, elderly care, surgery etc
How to get lower cost health care services
How to find or register with a local GP
Health services opening hours and contact information
Is assistance available if you need to travel for healthcare?
Where to go to be treated for a specific health issue
How healthcare works, what you are entitled to, ACC cover etc
Local or everyday public health advice; clean drinking water, air pollution, food hygiene, health risks such a legionnaires, skin cancer, smoking etc
What is happening to your local health services, such as news about improvements, changes to services etc
Hearing from West Coasters who tell about their experiences with the health system (Video clips)
Patient visiting hours, what to bring to hospital, hospital amenities, cafe, drinks, food etc
Making a complaint or suggestion about health services
How to get to a clinic or service in a hospital, directions, parking, transport options etc
Getting a job or working in healthcare
Using information that is for health professionals, GPs, nurses, chemists etc
Explaining how health services are performing and how WCDHB works, major board decisions, who the board is etc

* 2. Why do you visit the West Coast DHB website?

* 3. What information on the website is most useful or important to you, and why?

* 4. What can be improved or added to make the website more useful/helpful?

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