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The Teen Talent Registry promises to be a goldmine of talented high school musicians, vocalists, theater performers and technicians, dancers, painters, illustrators, photographers, videographers, fashion and graphic designers and more that you will be able to evaluate and interact with using our online tools.

All students, regardless of socio-economic status or geographic location, can create a free profile and online portfolio of their work. And to attract even more talented high school students to participate, we are investing heavily in The Verge Awards for Teens on the Verge of Greatness!, scheduled for launch in April 2017, the only online stage for nationwide high school talent competitions where students can earn college scholarships and schools can win funding for their arts and enrichment programs!

Beyond the size and quality of our talent registry, our services will far exceed any others available to you today because:

1. we will collect meaningful data from each student (such as their specific artistic expertise and accomplishments, online samples of their work, academic information, and their intended college major) that will help you be very targeted in your search and outreach efforts

2. you will have the optional ability (through our premium subscription) to use our adjudication scores to further filter your search results

3. you can immediately click to view their performances or portfolios right from your desktop

4. our communication tool will allow you to easily send broadcast emails, download direct mail lists or reach out to individual prospects (future release!)

To ensure we offer you the most helpful information you need to make informed recruiting decisions and perform cost effective outreach, we hope that you will take just five minutes to answer the following 5 questions: