Navigating the digital landscape, where every interaction matters, the internet has unfortunately become a space where negativity and extremist ideas thrive. In response to these challenges, the EU took a significant step by introducing the Digital Services Act (DSA) fully applicable since February 2024. This landmark legislation aims to combat hate speech and disinformation online, promoting a safer digital space. Additionally, the EU has adopted a targeted Regulation on Terrorist Content Online (TCO) in April 2021 to address violent extremism and the dissemination of such content, setting out specific measures that Hosting Service Providers (HSPs) exposed to TCO must implement, results in HSPs, especially small and medium ones facing unique challenges in implementing TCO measures.

This is where the FRISCO project steps in, aiming to not only alleviate the burden on providers but also to create a collaborative ecosystem. Our goal is to foster partnerships and networking opportunities among micro and small HSPs, multiplier associations, industry experts, and state and international stakeholders.

We invite you to join our Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration and Information Sharing Workshop.
Are you an online platform or HSP? Secure your spot and we will cover your travel and accommodation costs.

Date and Venue:
🗓 April 18 and 19, 2024
📍 Budapest

The main topics will be:
  • DSA and TCO Regulations: Overview and practical insights on implementation and compliance, from online platforms, regulators and industry experts.
  • National Authorities' Perspective: Understanding regulatory aspects from the national authorities’ viewpoint.
  • Tools and Solutions: Exploration and hands-on experience with FRISCO's compliance tools.
  • Training Materials by FRISCO: Overview of training materials designed by the FRISCO project, which help to enhance your compliance knowledge and skills
  • Digital Solutions Marketplace: Connecting HSPs that have a demand for solutions in tackling TCO with providers of datasets and tools

By attending the workshop, you will gain opportunity to:
🚀 Empower yourself with the knowledge to navigate regulatory landscapes and engage in discussions about the practical implementations of the DSA and TCO regulations
🚀 Network with peers, industry experts, and stakeholders from across Europe and build valuable partnerships that extend beyond the workshop
🚀 Discuss approaches, exchange knowledge and best practices for compliance
🚀 Explore the tailor-made tools and resources made available by FRISCO project to assist HSPs in their compliance with the TCO Regulation
🚀Meet solution providers and explore a variety of digital solutions supporting your compliance

Who Should Attend:
Representatives of online platforms and hosting service providers, professionals, relevant government agencies, national trade associations and civil society actors.

Registration Details:
Secure your spot by filling in the registration form. The FRISCO team will assist with travel and accommodation upon acceptance. Travel costs will be funded by the FRISCO project. By filling out this form you agree to process and store your data by the FRISCO project.

Your participation will not only benefit your organization but will also contribute to a more secure digital landscape for all. Together, we can build a shared understanding, raise awareness, and pave the way for effective TCO regulation i

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