Sensory Friendly and Social Skills Playgroup

The Indian Valley Public Library is currently developing a new program for children with special needs and their families.  This program would involve a sensory friendly play group with an opportunity for peer interaction.  It would also feature special guests from local organizations that provide services for children with special needs.  In order to help with our planning, we are asking parents and caregivers to answer some questions about their child’s needs.  Please fill out as much information as you are comfortable sharing.  Thank you for your assistance with this program!

* 1. How old is your child?

* 2. What is your child's diagnosis?

* 3. What other services does your child receive?

* 4. Would you be willing to travel to the Indian Valley Library (in Telford, PA) 1-2 times per month?

* 5. What (if any) of these days and times work for you?  Check all that apply.

* 6. Where did you see this survey?

* 7. If you are interested in being contacted about this program, please provide us with your email address: