Child Care in our community is a very real possibility. We have developed a steering committee to make a licensed child care an option for families who require care for children ages 12 months -12 years. We require more information regarding what our community requires for child care. The information accumulated in our last survey was helpful to get things started. This survey will be used to show DSSAB that child care in Emo and areas west of Emo is important and needed. Please take the time to fill out our survey.

* 1. Does your family require child care before/ after school?

* 2. Does your family require care for child(ren) not in school during the day?

* 3. What time would you need care for your child(ren) to start before school?

* 4. What time would you require care for your child(ren) to after school?

* 5. What are the ages of other child(ren) who would require daily care?

* 6. Would your family be interested in applying for fee subsidies?

* 7. Please provide your contact information and more information will be sent to you about fee subsidies.