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Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a great summer. As the school year approaches, I thought it'd be a great time to get things organized & prepared for first semester. If you're interested in becoming a staff blogger for Vanidy Fair then please read the information below before filling out the application.  Vanidy Fair is a fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blog. In creating content, the main goal is to evenly disperse bloggers across these three topics. Please read the position descriptions below before filling out your application.

***all editor positions filled

*** Interested in joining, but don't want to fully commit? Feel free to be a freelance blogger who sends in content whenever they want!


Bloggers: Bloggers will be expected to write one to two posts every 3-4 weeks. In addition, bloggers may be asked to produce content for Instagram posts and stories. However, social media creation will mainly be left to the marketing team, which will be described further below. You will have to rank fashion, beauty, and lifestyle from your first preference to your third preference. If you are applying to be an editor, please fill out the section of the application dictating which blogger team you would want to be in in case you are not chosen to be an editor.

-Beauty bloggers: Beauty posts will discuss skincare and makeup trends, the best products to use, tips & tricks, etc.

-Fashion bloggers: Examples of fashion posts would be red carpet highlights, seasonal garment trends, celebrity/street style, runway coverage, etc.

-Lifestyle bloggers: Lifestyle posts will revolve more around wellness, travel and culture, activities in Nash, etc.

-Art bloggers: Art posts will cover current art trends, cultural and media influences on art, architecture, design, photography, up-andcoming artists, and more.

Editors: All editors will plan, revise, coordinate, and post material. Editors will plan with their blogger team by leading group meetings every two to three weeks. Further, the editor is responsible for blog post and social media creation (2 blog posts every two weeks or 1 blog post/ an Instagram post/story).

Fashion Editor

- Lifestyle Editor

- Beauty Editor
-Art Editor 
-Marketing Editor

Marketing: We will also need a marketing team centered mainly on creating footage for our Instagram platform. This will entail filming closet tours & routines, taking OOTD photos, and more. If this is something you're interested in, then please apply to the marketing team position (you are allowed to apply to this position and a blogger position). You do not need to have the necessary equipment to apply to this position.

-       Marketing Editor: Responsible for planning, revising, coordinating, and posting digital content for Instagram and blog platform. Must lead a group meeting with marketing team every two to three weeks in order to maintain schedule. Must have the ability to film, create videos, use Photoshop, post trendy & riveting social media content, and more.

-       Marketing Managers: Will aid marketing editor in producing content for Instagram platform. This includes filming, creating videos, & graphic design. Marketing managers must have unique ideas and be willing to dedicate themselves to Vanidy Fair’s content creation.  

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* 3. Please mark your first choice for blogger position.

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* 8. How could your skills, experiences, and interests contribute to growing the Vanidy Fair team? Feel free to reference the position you put as your #1 choice and how you could be successful in that role.

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* 9. What is one idea you have for a blog post? (Can be fashion, lifestyle, or beauty)

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