* 1. Are you a Financial Member of BREAZE? 

* 2. Please rank the following BREAZE activities, that you believe BREAZE should be involved in (1 most important, 5 least important):

  1 2 3 4 5
1. Membership communications and activities - including social media, newsletters and social activities
2. Smart Living Ballarat Program
3. Advocacy
4. Delivery of Regional Sustainability Events (eg, Sus house, World Env day, 350.org etc)
5. Management of the BREAZE Public Fund (ie. Should BREAZE have Deductible Gift Recipients’ (GDR) status?)
6. Grant Application / Implementation
7. Local Food Initiatives
8. Home renovations / Home Building
9. Coordination of regional sustainability and environment interests

* 3. Any comments on these activities? (new ideas below in next question, please)

* 4. Is there another activity that you would be prepared to support BREAZE in?
Please describe activity.

* 5. Are you prepared to financially support BREAZE? Eg. Through your membership, or by meeting the costs of some events, eg. A film screening

* 6. Are you prepared to volunteer time to support your preferred activity(s)?

* 7. Can you or your business provide in kind services to support these activity(s)?

* 8. How many hours of in kind services can you provide?

* 9. Please leave some details if you would like to be contacted about this survey: