City of Piedmont

The City of Piedmont is in the process of creating a new web site. Please answer the questions below to provide input on the design of our new site. If you have questions about the survey, please contact City Clerk John Tulloch via email at

* 1. Which age group do you fall under?

* 2. I am:

* 3. What device do you use most to access the City of Piedmont’s website?

* 4. How often do you visit the City of Piedmont’s website in a month?

* 5. What is the primary purpose of your visit to the City of Piedmont’s website?

* 6. What do you really want to accomplish on the site (e.g., Find out hours of a public facility, apply and pay for permits/business licenses, register for classes, view council meeting videos, view community event photos, find trash/recycling day, etc.)?

* 7. What do you like about the current site?

* 8. What frustrates you about the current site or what improvements can be made?

* 9. Is the content written in a way that you understand?

* 10. In regards to past visits on the site, could you find the information you were searching for with ease?