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Thank you for your interest in applying for service on the Generations Editorial Advisory Board.

Note: ASA membership is required in order to serve on this Advisory Board. If you are not yet an ASA member or your membership has lapsed, visit to become a member or contact Jutka Mandoki at 415-974-9630.

Generations brings together the latest in research, practice, and policy on a single key topic in aging, and uses an Editorial Advisory Board—distinguished academics, researchers, practice-oriented professionals, and policy experts from different areas in the field of aging that are instrumental in identifying topics for each issue.

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* 4. By checking the box below, I understand that the term for which I am applying will begin in March 2018 and conclude March 2020.

* 5. Responsibilities of Generations Editorial Advisory Board Members:

  1. -To participate in two (2) one-day, in-person meetings per year (these are held in the Spring and Fall, at the Aging in America Conference and the Gerontological Society of America conference, respectively).
  2. -To participate in a group process for Generations issue theme selection
  3. -To act as a contact for recruiting prospective authors and/or guest editors
  4. -To contribute articles (optional)
  5. -To promote the publication

-I agree to meet these requirements if chosen to serve on this Board:

* 6. Please explain in a short essay (up to 2000 characters) why you wish to serve on the Generations Editorial Advisory Board, and what you feel you can specifically contribute to the Board. Please also describe your specific domain knowledge (examples of domains/disciplines would be within the healthcare system; in medical services delivery; in policy/advocacy; in caregiving; in philanthropy; in legal; in clinical knowledge; in business and consumer marketplaces; in federal/state government, etc.)

* 7. Please give an assessment of your skills at working with others in a committee structure and process. The rating system is as follows: 1 = I do not have this competency; 2 = I have this competency to a limited degree; 3 = I am effective in this competency; 4 = I excel in this competency.

  1-Do not have 2-Limited 3-Effective 4-Excel
Verbal communication skills
Written communication skills
Educational programming
Working with diverse populations
Conflict resolution
Consensus building
Working in teams
Volunteer/staff relations