Your answers help us make bicycling more fun and accessible! YOU RULE!!!

L.A. Bike Trains is a project of the Bicycle Culture Institute, 501(c)3. 

* 1. Why were you motivated to sign up for L.A. Bike Trains?

* 4. What concerns did you have about bicycling before L.A. Bike Trains?

* 5. How do you prefer to be communicated with for route (ride) updates?

* 6. What would help make you become a regular rider?

* 7. What benefits have you experienced?
(like riding a bike more often, increased confidence)

* 8. How satisfied with your L.A. Bike Trains experience are you?

* 9. What improvements can we make to the program?

* 10. How likely is it that you would recommend L.A. Bike Trains to a friend or colleague?

Not at all likely
Extremely likely