1. Introduction

The International Education Council and the Haenicke Institute for Global Education are conducting a review of internationalization at the university in collaboration with the American Council on Education. A major component is the international content of our curriculum including the international interests, skills, and attitudes of our faculty and staff. The data will be compiled in a report on internationalization at WMU and presented to the Faculty Senate in the Fall of 2009. It will contribute to setting future directions in internationalization for the university.

Please fill out this survey, even if you are not doing anything that you perceive to be “international.” We are using SurveyMonkey so that your answers will not be linked to your e-mail address. THE SURVEY SHOULD ONLY TAKE ABOUT 10 MINUTES.

We are using the following terms as defined by the American Council on Education for clarity:
GLOBAL - systems and phenomena that transcend national borders
INTERNATIONAL - nations and their relationships
GLOBAL LEARNING - knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students acquire that enable them to understand world cultures and events, analyze global systems, appreciated cultural differences, and apply this knowledge and appreciation to their lives as citizens and workers.
INTERNATIONALIZATION - process by which institutions foster global learning.

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