How Are We Doing?

We want to understand the value that Ontario Contact provides to you in your planning, programming, or business.

Question Title

* 1. A couple of weeks have passed since we were all together. In thinking back to the conference, what stands out for you?

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* 2. Within the intensive three days of Ontario Contact, please identify those networking activities in which you participated and rate their value to you:

  Essential - Keep this! Important Helpful Had no value for me - Time for it to go. Did not participate
Facility Managers Meeting (Wed)
Host Nations Conversation (Wed)
Opening Reception (Wed)
Awards Dinner (Thurs)
First Timers' Breakfast (Thurs)
Late Night Hospitality
Closing Celebration

Question Title

* 3. Please rate the Professional Development sessions that you attended:

  Mind Blowing Important Helpful Had no value for me Did not participate
Keynote with Brian McCurdy: The Presenters' Voice (Thurs am)
Keynote with Drew Haydn Taylor: The Artists' Voice (Thurs pm)
Getting Ready for the Road (Wed)
Friday Lunch Conversation: Funders
Friday Lunch Conversation: Host Nations
Friday Lunch Conversation: Classical Music
Friday Lunch Conversation: Small Halls
Arts Engage (Sat afternoon)
Zoom! Workshop (Sat afternoon)
Artists & Managers (Sat afternoon)
TixHub Demo & Workshop (Sat afternoon)