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The Council has been considering what fate might be instore for the pedestrian footbridge at the Junee Railway Station that currently links platforms 1 and 2. The pedestrian footbridge has been closed to public for over 20 years and it is proposed for removal in 2024 with work commencing in Junee on the Inland Railway project.  
ARTC have offered to gift the footbridge, to the Community for another purpose.
The footbridge has been assessed for structural integrity and was found to be suitable for reuse. The structure has also been tested for the presence of lead; those tests revealed lead present in the existing paintwork. While present there are treatment options available which can be applied prior to the footbridge being reused to meet environment and public health requirements.
Why Get Involved?

There will be a range of views from community members on a project like this and all views are welcome, with the Council seeking feedback on whether repurposing the footbridge is supported or not and how it should be funded.  
While the obvious reuse of the structure is as a viewing platform at another location all ideas are welcome at this stage. There are a few examples provided in this survey showcasing how infrastructure has been reused elsewhere. Community consultation is important to us and we encourage the community to participate and provide input.
What is the cost to repurpose the footbridge?

In its current condition the footbridge is not safe for use. The costs involved in finding a reuse for the footbridge vary. To help guide the community if say the footbridge use reused as a viewing platform, the estimated costs would be in the order $100,000 to $140,000 depending on the scope the works.
Have Your Say!

The survey takes only a few minutes to complete and can be completed in hard copy or online. Please feel free to complete the online survey now or pop into Council to pick up a hard copy.

If you have general comments or questions, please contact Junee Shire Council on 02 6924 8100 or jsc@junee.nsw.gov.au

Community responses are welcome up to 1 December 2021.   

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