* 1. What resources did you take advantage of in Upward Bound? (Please check all)

* 2. What can we improve in Upward Bound? (What other events or services would you have liked to have seen with Upward Bound, what would you recommend we do with future classes, etc.)

* 3. Please list the best things about, as well as the areas of improvement for each staff member:

Giovanni Ortega:

* 4. Shanehi Shah:

* 5. Nivardo Martinez:

* 6. Your tutors: Ashley, Mary, Chauncei, Silvia (You may also include previous tutors)

* 7. Any teachers you've had with this program:

* 8. What are your favorite memories of Upward Bound?

* 9. What is the best way to keep in touch with you after you graduate? (Like phone, e-mail, facebook, etc. Please list all ways and contact information I.s. e-mail: upwardbound@csudh.edu)

* 10. Other comments?