Question Title

This survey is being conducted by NeuroClastic, a nonprofit organization that focuses primarily on autism and is led by autistic people. We are conducting this brief survey to better understand attitudes regarding autism and the Autistic community, including autistic people and non-autistic stakeholders (parents, relatives, educators, service providers, etc.). The questions are multiple choice with an optional space for commenting at the end. No identifying information will be collected. We do intend to share and publicize the results of this survey.
You may exit this survey at any time or skip any questions. It is expected to take approximately five minutes. There are some questions regarding attitudes towards certain therapies and interventions. Individuals with trauma related to intervention therapies may find the mention of them upsetting. This survey is not anticipated to be emotionally difficult for most readers. Questions measure basic demographic data (age range, gender, diagnostic status, etc.) and attitudes about frequent topics of discussion and areas for improvement in the autistic and broader autism community.