Invitation for Nominees to Represent NGOs

This is an invitation for nominations and self-nominations to be submitted for the following roles that sit on the Canterbury Family Violence Collaboration Steering Group:
  • NGO Representative (#1)
  • NGO Representative (#2)
  • NGO Representative (#3)
  • Reference Group Chair (can be NGO or Government Rep)
Purpose and Role of the Steering Group
The purpose of the Steering Group is to steer and oversee the operation and delivery of the CFVC Strategy by:

· Supporting Work Streams: through Steering Group representatives on each work stream (Champions); identifying barriers and sources for resources
· Communication: updates on progress to all stakeholders
· Influence: Offering endorsement to initiatives that align with the values and goals of the CFVC (e.g. ISR); Offer advice and expertise; form strategic partnerships
· Connection: with Cross sector initiatives and emerging opportunities in wider environment
· Accountability: to Reference Group and funders
The role of individual members of the CFVC Steering Group is to:

· Have a commitment to work for the greater good of the CFVC and its intent
· Attend each Steering Group meeting and undertake activities as required on behalf of and responsible to the Group as a whole
· Understand the purpose and outcomes of each Work Stream and Project Group within the Collaboration.
· Regularly attend Reference Group meetings
(Refer to TOR for full details)

The Canterbury Family Violence Collaboration comprises of the Reference Group (i.e. the greater membership and representation of the Family Violence Sector within the collaboration) and the Steering Group, established by the Reference Group to steer and oversee the operation and delivery of the CFVC strategy.

As per the Terms of Reference for the Steering Group, the NGO representative roles on the CFVC Steering Group have a term of two years. These have been fulfilled to date by Paul Shamy, Stopping Violence Services, Lois Herbert, Battered Women’s Trust, and April Marshall, Victim Support. These roles are now due for re-appointment and as such require representatives to be newly elected by vote. 

The Reference Group Chair role has been fulfilled by Val Carter, Home and Family. This role can be filled by either a government agency rep or an NGO rep.

Who can be nominated?
Nominations are invited of and from anyone who has had involvement over the last 12 months within the activities, training opportunities, or events held in connection with the Canterbury Family Violence Collaboration.

It must be the intention of all nominees to commit as a strategic partner to the CFVC, agreeing to uphold our core values and support our strategic plan. Details of the roles and responsibilities can be found in our Terms of Reference Documents on our website at this link: Publications
Nominations closes 4pm Tuesday 12th February.

Queries may be forwarded to

Applicants/nomination submitters are asked to provide a background statement that includes examples of the way(s) in which they/the nominee have demonstrated the following competencies:

· Leadership experie

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