Kentucky Nonprofit Network, Kentucky’s state association of nonprofit organizations, has been an active participant in a task force convened by the Kentucky Office of Secretary of State to evaluate and modernize and/or clarify Chapter 273 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes, the laws governing nonprofit corporations. A majority of the existing laws in Chapter 273 were written in the 1960's and do not reflect a number of current realities, including advances in technology.  This work builds on the passage of House Bill 440 by the 2015 General Assembly, which became law in June 2015.

Similar to House Bill 440, these recommendations are intended to provide Kentucky nonprofit corporations with greater flexibility and, in some cases, clarify that certain current practices are permitted.  The recommendations of the task force convened by the Office of Secretary of State have been reviewed by a KNN task force of nonprofit executives, as well as KNN's public policy committee and are to be introduced in the 2016 General Assembly.

Engaging our members in this work is important! Please take a moment to review these recommendations and share your feedback on any possible positive or negative implications of the proposed changes. We appreciate your input!