1. Demographic Information

What is the connection between your sense of self, control over your life, and your relationship with your environment (family, friends, work, home etc), and your culture and society? This survey seeks to capture the sociocultural factors that flavor the life experiences of African women. Thank you for helping raise awareness on the importance of this critical link in addressing issues concerning us and developing programs that benefit us. Your feedback is very important! By participating in this suvey, you join a growing gathering of a collective strong African voice, presenting our world, our lives...the way we see it. Your honest answers are really appreciated and will help develop an accurate understanding of the rich and dynamic nature of the African Woman - You... Thank you (Nkongteh!!!~Cameroon)

"If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a nation." - Ghana

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* 3. What is your age?

* 4. When you hear the word "African Woman", what comes to your mind?

* 5. Are there, if any, expectations of women in your culture? (Spoken or unspoken standards expected of a woman such as cook, education, spiritual etc...)