Dear Node Managers,

The GBIF Secretariat is pleased to announce that the first version of the Nodes Portal Toolkit (NPT) Startup is now available for review by all GBIF Node Managers and Nodes staff.

This questionnaire is meant to support the review of the first version of the NPT Startup, and is accompanied by:

  • 1. A NPT Startup review document, which provides guidance on how the GBIF community can contribute to the review of the NPT Startup. It explains briefly what NPT Startup is, who the target audience is, what the purpose of the review is, and the way forward for the development of the NPT;
  • 2. A screencast (video) containing the key messages around the goals of NPT Startup, as well as the key features and the installation procedures of the current version of the NPT Startup;
  • 3. An example website that is deployed by using the current version of NPT Startup at

Nodes are requested to take note of all these materials before providing their feedback through this questionnaire. For more background information on the Nodes Portal Toolkit project , please visit or the GBIF website at GBIF website/. Please contact the Secretariat at if you have any questions about the review process.

Node Managers and Nodes staff are kindly requested to work together to provide one response per Node by 6 May 2013.

Burke Chih-Jen Ko, Informatics Liaison
Mélianie Raymond, Nodes Capacity Officer
Olaf Bánki, Senior Programme Officer for Participation
Global Biodiversity Information Facility Secretariat

10% of survey complete.