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Welcome SnagIt users. We need your help and opinions. We have seen a tremendous increase in the number of requests for a Mac version of SnagIt in the past 6 months. I'm looking to you to help me better understand that demand. Please complete this survey as a first step towards this goal.

Tony Dunckel
SnagIt Product Manager

* 1. Would you be interested in TechSmith offering a Mac version of SnagIt?

* 2. What following attributes describes you? Check all the apply.

* 3. Considering how you use SnagIt today and your needs on the Mac, what SnagIt version would you find most appealing? Keep in mind that developing the Full Version vs the Light Version is a considerable difference in how quickly we could bring this to market.

* 4. What would have to be true about a Mac version of SnagIt for it to be better than your current alternative?

* 5. As a customer, what's your expectation in terms of licensing when it comes to products you BUY that offer versions on both the Mac and the PC?

* 6. Any additional comments or thoughts you would like to share on the concept of a Mac version for SnagIt?

* 7. For our ability to query you again about SnagIt for the Mac, you can provide your email address. Its completely optional -- and know that we have a zero tolerance policy for spam. Thanks - Tony