Dear Colleagues,
Our Board conducts an annual appraisal of our CEO.  Appraisal areas are derived from:
-overall initiatives in our strategic plan
-goals from last year's appraisal and
-generally accepted CEO organizational responsibilities and leadership characteristics.

By November 1, please set aside @10 minutes to fill out this appraisal survey online. 

If you feel you do not have enough information or experience to answer a question, please click on the "Unsure" response. That, too, is valuable data to help target Board information needs.

We will review survey results and discuss summary findings and recommendations with the full Board during November. Individual answers will be held in confidence; only summary data is reported.  

Thanks for all you do to make Chester County even better, now and forever.

xxxxx, Chair of the Board
xxxxx, Chair of CEO Appraisal Task Force

Re: CEO name
ASSESSMENT TIME PERIOD:  month year - month year+1