Emeryville City Council has directed staff and consultants to prepare and study a redesign of 40th/Shellmound Street (between Adeline Street and Ikea entry) to create
  • bus-only lanes (by removing parking and converting the westbound mixed-flow lane to bus-only),
  • a two-way separated bikeway on the north side of the street,
  • transit stop improvements,
  • bicycle-pedestrian intersection improvements,
  • streetscape improvements including  opportunities for green infrastructure (natural storm water treatment) and art.  
The traffic study shows that average bus travel time between Adeline and Ikea would decrease 5-6 minutes, while auto and truck travel time would increase 3-4 minutes. Motor vehicle level of service would not exceed capacity at any intersection.  
This survey asks your opinion on design of street segments, streetscape including art and green infrastructure opportunities, and operational trade-offs. 
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