Contest open to residents of Albany County.

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month!

Complete this quiz for chance to win an emergency kit containing essential survival items to assist families in the event of a disaster.

Winners will be randomly selected throughout the month of September, 2016.  No purchase necessary.  Your information will not be shared or distributed.

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Directions: Please read each question carefully, and select TRUE or FALSE.

* 1. In my emergency supply kit I need a gallon of water a day for each of my family members for three days.

* 2. A family emergency plan is the best way to prepare me and my loved ones for a natural disaster or terrorist act.

* 3. If local authorities told me to evacuate, I would wait to see if the situation worsened, then decide.

* 4. Every family member should be familiar with our emergency plan since they each play an important role.

* 5. It’s a good idea to identify a centrally located room in my house or space in my basement, in case me and my family need to “shelter in place.”

* 6. If I need to go to public emergency shelter, my pets will definitely be allowed to come to the shelter too.

* 7. It’s not a good idea to keep emergency cash at home because I can always access an ATM during an emergency.

* 8. My emergency supply kit should have enough materials to sustain me, my family and our pets for at least three days.

* 9. I should have a first aid kit at home, even if my doctor is nearby.

* 10. My family does not need to practice our emergency plan—we will wait until an emergency actually happens to try it out.

* 11. Please provide your contact information:

***Please press DONE to complete the quiz.***

Winners will be contacted in October, 2016.  Questions? Please contact: