Is there a market need for ISO 31000 Certificate

Thank you for your participation in this survey. ISO 31000 is a principle and  guideline for Risk Management,its not a Management Standard for Certificate, so this survey aims to have a very quick viewpoint that will help us to know the End User & Market needs  for ISO 31000 certificate .

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* 1.
Do you see value in having a company risk management program certified against an international standard (ie to handle ISO 31000  as 9001 with an accreditation process by ISO organisation)
هل تؤيد وجود شهادة لادارة المخاطر بالايزو31000 المختص بادارة المخطر اسوة بالايزو 9001 

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* 2. What country is your organisation based in
ما اسم الدولة التي تعمل بها

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