1. Tell us about yourself

Please take five minutes to answer these questions.

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* How important do you think it is to have stable housing that’s affordable?

* How easy or difficult is it to find affordable housing in your area?

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People who are just entering the work force
A family of four with an income less than $50,000 a year?

* Compared with previous generations, do you think buying a home has become:

* How do you feel about your current housing situation?

* Thinking now about the mid-2000s housing crisis, when many people defaulted on their mortgages and lost their homes, do you think the housing crisis is:

* Which of the following, if any, have you personally done in the past three years because you were struggling to be able to pay your rent or mortgage?

* How important do you think it is for your elected leaders to address problems related to issues of housing affordability for the local workforce?

* Are housing affordability issues getting too much or not enough attention in your community?

* What is your age?

* Gender?

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