Explanatory Note

Illicit Financial Flows are an important challenge that needs to be addressed in order for countries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 16.4 is to significantly reduce illicit financial and arms flows, strengthen the recovery and return of stolen assets and combat all forms of organized crime by 2030. It pertains to both outflowing and inflowing IFFs.
The primary indicator by which progress towards the attainment of  SDG 16.4 will be measured is the:
“Total value of inward and outward illicit financial flows”
The purpose of SDG 16.4 is to encourage all countries to develop national agendas and policies to support measures to reduce the global flow of illicit tangible and intangible assets. Action in this regard must be underpinned by verified, up to date evidence on relevant domestic, regional and global developments. Tana Copenhagen, with the support of the Royal Danish Embassy in Ethiopia, and with the assistance of Tax Justice Network Africa (TJNA) is conducting a study to update the state of knowledge on the incidence and scale of IFFs in countries in the Horn of Africa. The study is intended to contribute data for effective targeted responses.
Your input by completing the attached questionnaire will be greatly appreciated. As it is necessary for us to know your credentials, respondents are requested to identify themselves. Data collected will be treated confidentially. Respondents that are interested in receiving feedback on the outcome of the survey will be invited to a validation workshop, to be convened virtually, before the end of June 2022.
Completed questionnaires and any additional comments should be emailed to infoaml@tanacph.com and copied to ctg@tanacph.com