We are probably still too close to this pandemic to truly understand its effects on the built environment, but since the Master Plan will come out in late-May, we want to have something in the plan related to any longer-term effects of the pandemic on land use planning in Richmond. 

Many of the questions in this questionnaire are speculative questions that even an expert in pandemics would not clearly know how to answer because we are in an extraordinary time. We really never know what the future holds – ever – even before this pandemic. We put together the questionnaire as a way to have Richmonders start thinking about what they are observing today and speculate whether or not those behaviors will be permanent shifts. This questionnaire is intended to be a conversation starter.  

The questions in this questionnaire seek to drive participants to ponder one major question: Do you think this pandemic will cause permanent behavioral shifts in how individuals, households, and businesses use and relate to Richmond’s built environment? If so, how?

If you prefer taking is questionnaire via a PDF form, you can download the PDF Form and submit it via email to richmond300@richmondgov.com

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