Dearest listener -- this podcast is for you. Let's create it together.

* 1. The New World Kirtan Podcast has various flavors -- what is your favorite?

  My Favorite Pretty Good I'll Still Listen Usually Skip These
A set of chants based on a theme.
A set of all-new chants (the Fresh Tracks sets).
Artist interviews.
The Kirtan/Meditation Circle sets (chants, darshan & meditation at the end).
Live sets from festivals
Deeper exploration of the meaning of mantras.
Dance sets.

* 2. Would you like to hear more chants from the Kundalini tradition?

* 4. Would you watch if we live-streamed kirtan artists from Corvallis?

* 5. I'm considering doing more shows without music, such as the series on where Western kirtan is headed. Your thoughts or suggestions?

* 6. The podcast has been posting since 2008. Is the format getting stale?

* 7. What would you like to tell me about the podcast? What is valuable to you? What isn't?