1. Client Satisfaction Questionnaire

100% of survey complete.

As part of our Quality Improvement Program within our agency, we occassionally ask people to give us feedback on how we are doing with providing services. Please complete this on our web site or fill out this form today and return it to the Program Assistant or your Counsellor. This is invaluable in assessing whether changes need to be made in service &/or if the service are meeting your needs.

Thank you so much for your involvement in helping us to deliver the best possible services.

* 1. Over the past year, I have received North of Superior Counselling Programs services from the following programs:

* 2. The length of time I / we waited between contacting agency and first appointment was:

* 3. Was the wait for service too long for you?

* 4. How would you rate the quality of the service your have/are receiving?

* 5. Did you get the kind of services you wanted?

* 6. To what extent has our program met your needs?

* 7. If a friend were in need of similar help, would you recommend our program to them?

* 8. Have the services you received helped you to deal more effectively with your problems?

* 9. Overall, how satisfied are you with the service you have received?

* 10. If you were to seek help again, would you come back to North of Superior Counselling Programs?

* 11. Are there services that you wish NOSP could provide?

* 12. Comments and/or suggestions?

* 13. Questionnaire completed by:

* 14. I received services from the NOSP staff from the following office location: