Next OnBoard is offering its Group Mentoring Program designed to connect our early and mid-career women member with our OnBoard members to learn from their vast knowledge and experiences.

Given the current state of the world, we believe that rather than putting our mentorship program on hold, this is a perfect opportunity to show the agility that can be built into mentorship programs by taking on a virtual program format this year. There are already virtual networking programs that have been wildly successful and we are confident that a virtual experience for our program can provide the majority of the same benefits of in-person relationship building. This is an exciting opportunity and will be a great test to determine different ways we can better bridge distance to create strong connections and support systems, which, as we all know, have proven to be so beneficial to women's success in the workplace.

Katie and I are eager to kick off the mentorship program and we are looking forward to receiving feedback on how the virtual setting is working for each of the groups. Of course, as soon as it makes sense, each group can feel free to resume in-person meetings should you decide to. In the meantime, let's make the best of utilizing the communication channels that we have!

By clicking Yes below, you will have an opportunity to read bios provided by each of the mentors and identify which mentor you would be most interested in learning and sharing with. Based on your responses, we will pair small groups of 2-4 Nexters with a mentor and select a mentee coordinator who will assist in scheduling the initial virtual meeting for the group. In the past, some groups choose to meet monthly, while others meet quarterly. How often you meet is up to each group, and discussion topics are determined by the group. 

If you are not interested in participating as a mentee at this event, please click No to exit the survey.

Should you have any questions about the mentoring event or Next OnBoard, please email us at next@onboardnow.org. You can also learn more about us by visiting our website: www.onboardnow.org/next.

Warm regards,

Nela Powell, Next OnBoard Governance Chair Elect
Katie Hull, Next OnBoard Governance Chair

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