Welcome and thank you for your participation in NOAA's IT Workforce Survey!

This voluntary survey will collect information about NOAA's IT Workforce. Information from the survey will inform NOAA leadership on how to meet NOAA's future IT Workforce needs.

Specifically, this survey will request information about:

1) Competencies: The knowledge, skills, and abilities required for IT Specialist success, now and in the future

2) IT Career Preparation: What are your thoughts on how NOAA can prepare a successful IT Workforce?

3) Employee Profile Information: Who makes up our current IT Workforce?

The survey is short, and has the option for you to answer open-ended questions. Please read the instructions carefully, and answer each question as honestly as possible. 
 An IT Workforce Planning team will analyze the results and report them to NOAA IT Leadership and the Department of Commerce. NOAA will use the findings to create and implement solutions to ensure NOAA meets its future mission goals, and enhance employee satisfaction.
Important Notes:
(1) There are no right or wrong answers.
(2) Rate yourself as accurately as possible.
(3) The survey must be completed in one session. 
Again, thank you! Your response will help to shape NOAA's IT Workforce planning efforts to better serve our employees and to meet our mission goals. 

8% of survey complete.