On behalf of InterSystems, thank you for your interest in providing User Experience feedback. The User Experience team at InterSystems is always on the lookout for users like you to help us improve our products. 

What's in it for you?
  • A sneak peek at products in development
  • The chance to provide feedback that might influence the design and direction of our products
  • The chance to talk with developers of the products you're currently using
Many ways to participate

Some of the ways we gather feedback include: 
  • Usability sessions. During a session we would ask you to perform tasks similar to how you would typically work using a prototype of a tool we're working on. You would give us your reactions and feedback. It is important to understand that UX sessions are not a test of your ability in any way. The session is a test of the design and anything and everything you say is helpful feedback for us.

  • Interviews. We would talk to you about the way you currently work and the issues you experience. 
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To be able to contact you about the session, we need to collect your contact information. You might wish to read the SurveyMonkey's Privacy Policy before you fill out this survey. We will only use your contact information to get in touch with you about the sessions and we will not share it or sell it to anyone.

You are eligible to sign up even if you are not currently using InterSystems products.

Thank you! Feedback from real-world users like you is invaluable to us.

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