* 1. *A vox pop (short for vox populi, which is latin for “voice of the people”) is a brief quote from members of the public. These were featured in past volumes of The Canberra Disability Review, particularly in Volume 4 (on health and disability) – and generally de-identified, with names changed.

For more details on the Volume 6 theme see the PWD ACT website:

If any aspect of the topic strikes a chord, you can email your response to Siobhan at projects@pwdact.org.au

Or if you would prefer to contribute anonymously we have created this online survey. Please respond to as many questions as you wish and you may take the survey more than once if you would like to respond to multiple areas of the National Disability Strategy:

Which area would you like to comment on?

* 2. In terms of those Policy Directions, how much progress has been made for people with disabilities in Canberra, in the last 8-10 years?  

* 3. What are some positive examples of progress made?

* 4. What do you see as the priorities for future action in this area?

* 5. Imagine a future Canberra in which these disability rights outcomes have been made a reality – describe what life is like: