1. L&D Associates Survey

L&D Associates Consulting Group, Inc is committed to providing quality and timely services.

Our services include grantmaking, technical writing, program evaluation, informatics, and evidence-based literature searching.  Our efforts have focused on health promotion and disease prevention as well as green technologies, renewable energy, and sustainable economic development.   We have also assisted and led programs on eHealth training for consumers, rural health literacy outreach, evaluation logic models, and grant review and evaluation.

This survey instrument is intended to help L&D Associates provide greater breath and depth of services to its current clients and future clients.

We look forward to reviewing your responses and serving you better.  When you have completed the survey drop us a line at information@landd.net to let us know you have done so.  Thank you. 

N.B. All responses are confidential.

* 1. Please select which of the following best describes your agency

* 2. What is your primary business interest?

* 3. In what region of the country (US) are you located?

* 4. What best describes your local environment?

* 5. Do you seek funding from any of the following sources?

* 6. In an average year, how many grant applications do you submit?

* 7. Do you negotiate with an outside entity to provide evaluation services?

* 8. If no do you have an evaluator on staff?

* 9. Do you negotiate with an outside entity to write your grant applications?

* 10. If no, do you have a grant writer on staff?

* 11. Are you interested in receiving a newsletter from L&D Associates?

* 12. What are your evaluation needs?

* 13. How did you find our web site (www.landd.net)?

* 14. What are your grant writing needs?

* 15. What are your technical writing needs?

* 16. What can L&D Associates Consulting Group do to assist you in your efforts?

* 17. If you would like a representative from L&D Associates Consulting Group to contact you please add your email address here. We will contact you and discuss your needs and how we can serve you best.