At the Nephrology Nursing Journal (NNJ), we know that all nurses have many memorable experiences throughout their careers. To celebrate ANNA's 45th anniversary, we would like to capture those experiences. NNJ is collecting stories of memorable personal, professional, and patient-related experiences in nephrology nursing--things that have made you laugh and cry, things you've learned, patients who have provided special meaning, experiences you have shared with colleagues, nephrology nursing defining moments you were a part of, and any other memories you want to share. A selection of those memories will be published in 2014.

There is no limit to the number of stories each individual may submit. You may submit up to three memory stories on each form. The association will be recognizing the ANNA Chapter with the most submissions. To submit your memories, please fill out the below survey.

Please note: By submitting this information, you authorize ANNA to publish your story. If you are including an individual’s name in your response, you need to make sure that person is okay with you sharing their name. Otherwise, you can use a pseudonym for the individual or organization or write the response in such a way as to not identify a specific person by name.

Beth Ulrich, EdD, RN, FACHE, FAAN, Editor, Nephrology Nursing Journal

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Thank you for sharing your nephrology nursing memories!