* 1. In your opinion, how accessible (from major roadways and transit) was the venue?

* 2. If you were to move the venue location, where would you move it to?

* 3. For each item below, please rate how satisfied you were with your experience at the event

  Very Satisfied Satisfied  Neutral  Dissatisfied  Very Dissatisfied  N/A
The 2017 Athlete Awards (batons)
Presentation of the awards
PowerPoint Presentation
Ambiance of the room 
Silent Auction and Raffle Items

* 4. How was the timing (event duration)?

* 5. Silent Auction and Raffle: Were there enough items that caught your interest?

* 6. Guest speakers: Did you see a value in having Nikkita Holder as the guest speaker for 2017?

* 7. What one thing would do to elevate the 2018 Awards?