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8. Which NoSQL technologies were you most interested in learning about before NoSQL Live Boston?

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Welcome to NoSQL Live (Dwight Merriman)
Crossroads, Inroads, Pitfalls & Bylaws: Peering into NoSQL’s Conceivable Future (Tim Anglade)
Scaling with NoSQL (Bradford Stephens, Mark Atwood, Alex Feinberg, Doug Judd, Ryan King, Ryan Rawson)
NoSQL in the Cloud (Adam Wiggins, Ben Day, Jonathan Ellis, Adam Kocoloski, Daniel Rinehart)
Queries and Views in CouchDB (Alan Hoffman)
MongoDB : Ruby (Les Hill)
Versatile Storage Options with Tokyo Cabinet (Flinn Mueller)
Full-stack JavaScript (Jim Wilson)
Using MongoDB with Groovy (James Williams)
Schema Design with Document-Oriented Databases (Durran Jordan, Paul Davis, Bryan Fink, Eliot Horowitz)
The Evolution of the Graph Data Structure from Research to Production (Marko Rodriguez, Boris Iordanov, Peter Neubauer, Sandro Hawke)
Towards Web Standard for NoSQL (Sandro Hawke)

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