The Pyramid Model Story Project

The Pyramid Model Story Project is a new initiative in which TACSEI is asking people to share their real-life experiences with the Pyramid Model. The idea behind this project is that TACSEI and CSEFEL have pages and pages of data that shows that implementing the Pyramid Model really does have a profound positive impact on the lives of children – but we believe that data by itself can’t tell the whole story. We think that in order to truly understand the impact, it is necessary for us also to hear personal stories of how the Pyramid Model has benefited children, families, teachers/providers, and programs.

People are sharing all kinds of stories – how the Pyramid Model has had in impact on individual children, particular classrooms, entire schools, anything. Your story can be short, long, funny, inspirational…we simply want to know how the Pyramid Model has helped to improve your life or the life of someone you know, care for, or work with.

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