* 1. 1) What kind of holiday destinations would you prefer?

* 2. What kind of accommodation do you usually prefer?

* 3. What criteria do you value the most when considering housing options? Select up to 3 options.

* 4. which of the options listed bellow do you consider a problem when visiting a foreign town? Select up to 5

* 5. Which of these proposals do you consider that could influence your preference on your next trip? Choose up to 5

* 6. Imagine that your hotel would provide you a designated guide during your stay that you could contact whenever you need an information about a restaurant, guidance or sight seeing. Would you take it into consideration when you choose your accommodation ?

* 7. If there was an accommodation offer consisting of traditional homes with all the commodities and safety needed, in the region you're visiting, would you consider it as an option?

* 8. Age?

* 9. Where are you from?

* 10. Thank you for your attention and availability.
If you would like to leave any comments about your experiences in visiting traditional, genuine destinations, we would really appreciate it.