How Are We Doing?

We at ECOTOURISM & ADVENTURE SPECIALISTS are committed to monitoring the quality of the services we provide, as part of our commitment to you and to our parks for sustainable tourism & unique experiences. We would appreciate your feedback on our performance and your experience before, during and after your trip with us.

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* 1. Did you travel with our company during the last year?

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* 2. Please rate the following aspects of our work.

  Excellent Good Adequate Poor Unacceptable N/A
Understanding your travel requirements
Replying promptly to your original inquiry
Communicating clearly and effectively
Facilitating an appropriate method of payment
Acknowledging and thanking you for your payment
Sending your vouchers and information regarding your trip
Being available to assist you during your trip
Providing good value for money
Meeting your overall expectations about the trip and our services

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* 3. Overall, how do you rate the quality of our services and that of the providers we sellected to deliver them during your stay in our country?