1. Masters Research

* 1. Does your Career Guidance Counsellor have career talks specific to each industry ?(e.g. Construction careers, Accountancy careers etc..)

* 2. Have you had a careers information talk on the careers available in the Tourism, Hospitality and catering sectors ?

* 3. Have you ever had a pyschometric/apptitude test to determine what career may suit you best ?

* 4. If you answered YES inQ.3 What career(s) did the psychometric/aptitude test advise you to persue?

* 5. Would you consider a career in the Tourism, catering and Hopitality Industry ?

* 6. Which of the following careers may interest you ?

* 7. What industry sector is the largest employer in Rural Ireland ?

* 8. Where do you hope to settle/live when you finish school/ college/university ?

* 9. Do you see a point in doing a bar management course when you can get a bar Job without any qualifications?

* 10. If there was more regulations and regard on Tourism, Hospitality and Catering coures and qualifications would it entice you to do one ?

* 11. How do you think tourism education and training could be made more appealing to school leavers?

  Excellent Good Ok Weak Poor
Make it similar to the FAS way, i.e. an apprenticeship
Increase the Grant
Bring a practical course in at leaving cert level relating to the industry
More information from Carrers Guidance service
More recogition of the qualifications from the industry

* 12. What industry does your parent work in ?

* 13. Would your parents career path influence the decisons on your career path ?

* 14. Are you aware of the non-means test grants available for students entering into Failte Ireland approved coures ?

* 15. Do you know what is the largest global industry ?

* 16. When choosing your future course/career have you considered where the employment in the industry will force you to live ?

* 17. Do you have to have done Home Economics in the leaving Certificate as an entry requirement to a Culinary arts Course (Chef)?

* 18. What age are you?

* 19. What year in school/College/University are you in ?

* 20. What is your main motivation for deciding for/against a career ?

  Very important Important enough Medium influence Small influence Not a Factor
Earning potential
Job satisftion
Employment Prospects
I can get into a course easy enough
I can do that career close to home