Volunteer Survey

Remember, all of your responses are completely anonymous. Please answer as honestly as you'd like.

* 1. About how long have you been volunteering for Second Chance?

* 2. How often do you volunteer with Second Chance?

* 3. If you're an active volunteer (meaning you visit at least once a month), what keeps you coming back to the shelter? If inactive, leave blank.

* 4. If you're an active volunteer, list or explain some things you'd like to see us improve upon.

* 5. If you're an inactive volunteer, what is preventing or discouraging you from coming in more often?

* 6. If you're an inactive volunteer, would you be willing to come back? Why or why not?

* 7. No matter how often you volunteer, what can we do to make your time at the shelter more rewarding or worthwhile?

* 8. If we were to hold a volunteer raffle, where you'd be entered to win a prize if you worked a certain amount of hours, do you think it would motivate you to volunteer more often?

* 9. Is there anything you would like to add?