For the purposes of this survey, natural child birth will be defined as vaginal birth without the assistance of analgesic pain relief such as epidurals or pudendal blocks and without other medical interventions such as episiotomies.

* 1. Have you ever given natural childbirth?

* 2. If you answered yes, please explain why you chose a natural birth.

* 3. If you answered no, but plan to have a natural birth, what are your expectations?

* 4. Why did you/would you choose a natural birth over a medicalized birth?

* 5. What natural pain relief methods are you familiar with? Please check all that apply

* 6. Did you/would you elect to use natural methods of pain relief? If so, please list or explain the methods you would choose.

* 7. Have you ever done research about natural childbirth?

* 8. Did you/would you have assistance from a midwife or doula during your delivery?

* 9. Please leave any additional comments concerning your viewpoints and experience with natural childbirth