* 1. Thank you for your order through the National MS Society Lending Library. Please fill out the survey below to provide your feedback about your most recent experience.

Is this the first time you have ordered materials through the National MS Society Lending Library?

* 2. Please answer the following questions based on your most recent experience with the Lending Library.

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Was the Library portion of the website easy to navigate?
Were you able to find materials that met your needs/interests?
Was the Library policy on how orders are processed easy to understand? (i.e. Orders are filled as requested materials become available; members may borrow up to two (2) library items at one time.)
Did you receive materials you ordered in a timely manner?
Were the materials you received packaged neatly?
Did you receive a postage-paid return envelope for returning the library materials you borrowed at no cost to you?
Did you find the process for returning the borrowed library materials easy to follow?

* 3. Please rate the following...

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
I found the Lending Library to be beneficial to myself or my family.
I would recommend the Lending Library to others living with MS.
I found the materials offered to be current and relevant.
I would order from the Lending Library again.

* 4. Which areas of MS information would you like to see more materials offered?

* 5. Please provide any additonal comments here.

Thank you for completing the Lending Library survey. Your responses will help us keep the Lending Library a valuable resource to those living with MS and their families.