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* Please address each of the following questions:
1. In broad terms, how do you describe your company’s offerings to potential customers?

* 2. What methodologies, techniques, equipment, and facilities do you use in your work?

* 3. What expertise and scientific guidance do you cite as the basis for your products and services?

* 4. What would you describe as your competitive advantage or top selling point?

* 5. In what industries does your company specialize? Do you operate exclusively in these industries or do you work in other industries as well?

* 6. In what geographic region or regions does your company offer its services? Do you operate exclusively in these regions or do you work in other regions as well?

* 7. How do you incorporate control groups in your studies?

* 8. What sample size requirements do you impose for your studies? Do you have different sample size requirements for different methodologies?

* 9. What statistical tests do you use in your studies when you report your findings? How do you communicate to your clients the reliability and generalizability of your findings?

* 10. How do you maintain the quality of your offerings (e.g., processes and procedures, performance metrics, employee training)?

* 11. What procedures for subject confidentiality and ethical practices do you employ?

* 12. What do you believe are the biggest business benefits your clients gain from your company’s work for them?

* 13. What do you believe are the biggest challenges facing acceptance of neuromarketing approaches in your client industries, and how do you address those challenges?

* 14. What is your company preparing for the future? How do you keep up with and leverage ongoing advances in research and practice?

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