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* 1. Date of Birth

* 2. Are you still in treatment today?

* 3. When was your earliest experience of bieng a victim of domestic violence, abuse, or trauma? (looking for an age)

* 4. In your opinion when was it that you first recognized that you were involved in a relationship that had characteristics of domestic violence?

* 5. How did your the domestic violence in your relationship unfold?

* 6. What was your drug of choice?

* 7. What was your first substance related experience and with whom did it occur and in response to what if anything? (looking for an age and relation - friend or family member

* 8. WHen did you first start using?

* 9. What time in your life did your active use of substances begin?

* 10. Did your use become more intense with abuse?

* 11. When was your earliest experience with a mental health problem?

* 12. How did your diagnosis unfold?

* 13. What do you believe influenced or caused these experiences to occur?

* 14. What do you see being at the core root of your experiences?

* 15. WHat influenced or caused your experience to occur?

* 16. If you could explain a timeline of life experiences what would it look like? (Looking for what came first, second, third)

* 17. What consequences did these issues have on you?

* 18. When did you seek help for your mental health concerns, or have you not yet sought help, and what were your symtoms like?

* 19. Were you still involved in the relationship with characteristics of domestic violence when you sought help?

* 20. What strategies were offered to you during the process?

* 21. What strategies were you encouraged to implement during the process?

* 22. What came from what was offered to you?

* 23. What do you believe was the most important intevention given to you?

* 24. How did that impact all of the issues?

* 25. What was the worst thing that occurred during treatment that impacted you?

* 26. What would the perfect treatment to meet all of your needs look life if you could create it?

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